Iscuss the role of the courage of children in both Little Woman and Treasure Island

You could consider the following questions, What is meant by the courage of children? Does this, in the set books, refer to physical or psychological courage or both? Do the books present gender differences on their portrayal of courage and if so, are these significant? How do differing authorial techniques such as narrative voice, focalisation and intertextuality help determine the readers awareness of courage? You could also consider the historical contaxt of both novels as part of you discussion. The critical essys in readers and the dvd 1 and dvd rom may provide valuable material for this essay.

I am studying with the open university at a level 3 course. The course is called EA300 in Childrens Literature. The set texts used are in oxford classics print. I hope that is helpful for resources. I am unable to upload any other materials unfortunatley. Please supply the bibligoraphy at the end of the essay please use Harvard referencing. Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.