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Evidence of the understanding and application of critical concepts presented in the breadth and depth of subject knowledge-knowledge of key contextual and theoretical issues in the assessed work.(L01,LO2,LO3)

Evidence of understanding through research and analysisDemonstrated through presentation of both written analysis and selected imagery(LO2)

Evidence of realisation through the communication of ideas -Demonstrated through the development of critical evaluation .(L01,LO2,LO3)

LO1 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of fashion themes from a broad base to an in-depth study within your chosen and self-selected area of interest
LO2 Demonstrate your ability to make links between your specialist topic and relevant theorical/ conceptual frameworks.
LO3 Demontrate your understanding of the various processes and methods of primary and secondary recearch related to subject specialist practice.
LO4 Demonstrate the application of organisational skills and evidence of independent learning and self-management.