Iscuss the significance of the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and illustrate with examples.

The modes of assessment used in this module are:
an essay 2500 words long (30% of overall mark), deadline Thursday 22 March at 6pm.
an examination (70% of overall mark).

·The essay allows you to study one area in depth, to research and organise and present material in a logical and reasoned argument. The essay must be presented typed and double-spaced. Your essay must also contain an appropriate system of foot/end notation and a bibliography.

·The examination assesses your breadth of knowledge and your understanding of diplomacy, under constraints of time. You will be required to answer two questions out of five. To be able to answer the questions well you will need to be familiar with the case studies discussed in the seminars. It is therefore crucial that you attend and prepare for each of the seminars. Please note that you will NOT be permitted to answer an exam question on the same topic as your chosen essay topic.

Assessment Criteria:
In marking students essays, the lecturer will consider:
The extent to which the remit of the assignment has been met.
The degree to which the theories, concepts and data are described, discussed, integrated and contextualised.
The range of research and collation of information and material.
The structure and coherence of the argument.
The clarity and accuracy with which ideas are expressed.
The selection and correct attribution of sources in support of an argument.

In marking examinations, the lecturer will consider:
The capacity to develop under pressure and within time constraints a logical, coherent and relevant answer to the exam questions.
The awareness of different sources of information and perspectives on selected issues.
Demonstration of skills of analysis and synthesis as appropriate.
Ability to place an issue in context whether historical or contemporary.
Demonstration of numeracy/quantitative skills as appropriate.
Written presentation and organisation, and that it illustrates the ability to write clear, succinct and grammatical English.
Evidence of lateral thinking where appropriate.