Iscuss the strategic roles of middle managers

The following needs to be included in the answer:
1. Discuss the strategic roles of strategic managers.
2. Discuss participation in strategy-making from a middle management perspective.

It needs to be 5 pages excluding bibliography & appendices, and IN-DEPTH.
Vaara & Whittington (2012:3) explain that strategy-making is an umbrella term that describes the myriad of activities that lead to the creation of organisational strategies. This includes strategising in the sense of more-or-less deliberate strategy formulation, the organising work involved in the implementation of strategies, and all the other activities (conscious or not)that lead to the emergence of organisational strategies. A call for research into all these activities already exists, as as do suitable tools. In addition, people involved in strategy-making are already active in the field. Bearing this in mind, answer the questions in an attempt to answer the call for more practically relevant research.