Iscuss the tradeoffs between relational and object-oriented database management systems


Assignment Overview

In the world of databases and database management, it is extremely important to know the strength and limits of database management systems. Organizational investments in databases of even modest scope can easily go up to seven figures, it is crucial to understand information provided by product or service vendors to make informed decisions. This module will help us gain valuable skills to be able to review and evaluate documents provided by vendors.

Robin Bloor is the author of a White Paper entitled The Failure of Relational Database, The Rise of Object Technology, and the Need for the Hybrid Database: A Revolutionary Paradigm”. Since this paper is associated with Intersystems Corp., the firm that sponsors the Cache DBMS, it is clearly commercially-oriented. However, the paper has demonstrated a serious attempt to discuss issues about databases and the relationship between object and relational databases.

For this case assignment, you are to review and evaluate Bloors paper based on what you have learned or can find out about the issues underlying it. To begin with, we recommend the following comparison:


We also recommend that you review the following document.

InterSystems (2005) Cache technology guide, Chapter 1: Data modeling: relational or object Access.A cache_tech-guide_01.html

The following recent article provides some solutions to information integration in the enterprises with focus on the interconnection between relational databases and object-oriented approaches. Please locate the article from the TUI library and read carefully.

Bernstein, P., & Haas, L. (2008). Information integration in the enterprise.Communications of the ACM, 51 (9), 72-79.

If you still want to learn more about hybrid databases, please read the following optional reading. Since it is a long article, you can choose to read the introduction, conclusion and any sections that interest you rather than the entire article.

Hvizdos, B.C., Cochrane, R., Hvizdos, M., Josifovski, J., Kleewein, J., Lapis, G., …,& Zhangm G. (2006).DB2 goes hybrid: integrating native XML and XQuery with relational data and SQL,A IBM Systems Journal, 45(2), 271-298.

To gain more understanding on databases, you would also need to read materials listed under background information.