Iscuss the use of currency options in risk management companies can use

Marking Guidelines:


Cover page Appropriate page format for report

Executive Summary i?? Should summarize the aims and key findings (5 marks)

Contents Page i?? Sections and page numbers

Introduction i?? 1 page introduction to topic (5 marks)

Literature Review i?? 2 pages summary of journal papers on currency options (20 marks)

Application/Case Study i?? general details and discussion (60 marks)

Conclusions i?? 0.5 page conclusion of paper (5 marks)

References i?? (5 marks)
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Please make use of the Financial Markets Suite in this coursework.

%. It will require use of the facilities in the Financial Markets Suite as well as resources available in the library services. Students will be expected to conduct desk research, review journal articles and carry out detailed analysis of a particular problem relevant at the time. Analytical techniques required to complete the coursework will be developed over a number of weeks. The coursework will be an individual effort with a word limit of 2500 words. Depending on the importance of the topic within the financial sector, the coursework given will involve a critique or investigation of the items in the learning outcomes section.

Credit will be given for effective planning and organisation as evidenced by research and referencing to sources; analytical ability; logical flow of ideas; relevance to the theme; depth of analysis; awareness of the strengths and limitations of the information produced; and good presentation.

” Be able to demonstrate their ability to apply the concepts and the techniques required to develop international risk management plans.
” Title: Discuss the use of currency options in risk management companies can use