Iscuss the use of karyotype analysis in genetics counseling programm ?

critical appraisal in biomedical science subject.
The Topic title is :

Discuss the use of karyotype analysis in genetics counseling programm?

The coursework writing has to be structured as follow
” brief introduction about the history and the importance of Cytogentics counseling programs.
” Structural and numerical abnormalities (when you write about chromosome disarrangement abnormalities mention P53 disarrangement as an example)
” Methods that are used in counseling programs such (karyotype , FISH , amniocentesis , PCR & & etc ).
” The uses of these methods in prenatal diagnoses.
(Include Pictures and illustrations for each method).

1The subject is critical appraisal that means you should critique the cytogentics methods that used in the counseling program( strength and weakness of each method ).
2Divide the coursework to Title and sub titles
3EndNote Software must be used.
4I have some references to start with.
5-100 % Plagiarism free.
6-Use Harvard writing style
7-English UK
8-Minimum of references is 40 (Primary references as Journals, review and books)