Iscuss the ways in which European Union competition law has been modernised in the last ten years

This assignment should be submitted in terms of EC Competition law course, taught in the LLM in EU Program.
So the writer should have degree in law. preferrably EU law and background in EU competition law. This is of vital importance!!!
The key ideas to be covered are:
The EC competition law is important both for EC and the Common Market.
At the moment we have EC (not EU) competition law. The introduction of Lisbon Treaty effective from 01/12/2009 changes this position then we will have EU competition law (Discuss why).
What is covered/ governed by EC competition law. Sources and main provisions of EC competition law.
How the EC Competition law was modernised.
The modernisation was requested by the changes EU, accession new Member States, etc.
May be, there are some critics on the EC competition law post modernisation.
The analysis should not be done in general terms only, but by referring to certain articles of EEC, TEU, Lisbon Treaties, Regulations.
The changes in case law should also be reflected in the essay.
More sources will be downloaded on the order page.
I will attach most scanned copies of some of the sources.
1. 1. E. Szyszczak, The Regulation of the State in Competitive Markets of the European Union (Hart, 2007)
2. 5. A. Jones and B. Sufrin, EC Competition Law 3rd ed (OUP, 2007)
3. ” Szyszczak and Cygan, Understanding EU Law
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