Iscuss the ways in which Toronto has changed in the last decade, and explain why these changes have been for the better or worse.

I am a first year university student, this research paper is from the ESL class.

Please write the paper follow my outline:

Thesis: Toronto has changed for the better in the last decade because of three important changes.

(a). Improve Urban planning
(i) Established an effective metropolis management mechanism first in North America in 1954
(ii)Build the underground railway system before the population explosion, and develop public transportation
(iii) Complete the social service system
1. Develop public health
2. Provide high quality infrastructure
3. Improve social welfare

(b) Complete legislations
(i) Cancel the old immigration law, which have racial discrimination
(ii) A more harsh fire regulation has been built

(c) Economic development
(i) Develop tourism
(ii) Develop manufacturing, financial service, and business services