Iscuss to what extent the application of scientific management has been adapted in the 21st century, to overcome its limitations

i?¶Do not use colloquialisms, slang or text message language: remember, this is an academic piece of work. (See point 3 of the assessment criteria)

i?¶Theory should be analysed, not simply described

Unit Learning Outcomes
1. Explain the meaning and nature of organisational behaviour
2. Examine the importance of management as an integrating activity
3. Understand the importance of managing people for individual and organisational effectiveness
4. Demonstrate effective interpersonal skills
5. Apply various problem-solving and decision-making approaches

Recommended reading list PLEASE TRY TO USE THESE:

Mullins,L (2010) Management and Organisational Behaviour (9th edition), Harlow, Pearson Education Limited

Huczynski, A. and Buchanan, D. (2004) Organisational Behaviour (5th ed), Harlow: Pearson

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