Iscuss ways in which social theorists have used psychoanalysis to extend our understanding of social, political and economic behaviour.

Although Im requesting a first class standard: Be mindful to use standard level vocabularye.g. Not too complicated vocabulary to understand the point been made. The context of the essay is highly important rather than the usage of high grammatical vocabulary.

INTRODUCTION: define what the outlining question is stating/ or asking you to explore. Also, state how you will construct the discussion throughout the essay before moving on the main body a e.g. giving the reader what to expect in the discussion.
The question is asking WHICH SOCIAL THEORISTS (please define WHO) have used PSYCHOANALYSIS theories to extent or increase our understanding of SOCIAL, POLITICAL, and ECONOMIC Behaviour.

MAIN BODY (Discussion): The structure and the flow of this essay are highly essential. Use in-text references for each point made before expending how each point made is relevant to the outlining essay question.

Note: You can use Current example (s) of social, political and economic behaviour to explain how Psychoanalysis theory was used to help our understanding.

Provide supporting evidence as well as critique (s) or criticism (s) in this essay.

CONCLUSION: Must conclude the discussion explored and highlight how social theorists using psychoanalysis theories help us to understand social, political and economic behaviour and in what ways.