Iscuss what organisations are and why do they exist. Explain how they tend to change over time.

1. Define what an organization is. There are many definitions/viewpoints concerning this.
2. Should look at the important features of an organization, i.e. groups of people who have a strategy, to achieve a common goal or structure etc& .
3. Should explore, explain and describe all the different features or characteristics that exist in organisations. For example, these organisations exist in the UK economy in the form of public, private and voluntary sector, provide examples where possible.
4. Look at your understanding of different types of organisations (brief comparison) using specific examples.
5. Tackle the issues concerning why organisations exist. Examples of this may include, producing financial/entrepreneurial income, serve a purpose within society, how they use the business cycle in terms of its impact. Organisations can still make a profit and not be able to pay bills or employees.
6. Why organisations change over time? define what change is. There can be lots of reasons why organisations change over time, for example; economic recession, the external environment, to be more efficient, improving information and communication technology, expand in size, diversify, change their outlook or goals, Euro, etc& .
7. Evidence of reading and research.
8. Clear evidence of understanding organisations in the public, private sector and voluntary sector.
9. Demonstrating an understanding of organisations and why they change over time.
10. Evidence of appropriate referencing.