Iscuss whether the concepts of Accountability, Representation and Control can help explain the Euro crisis.

The main focus of this eassy should be the concept of accountability, representation and control and the interlink among them. The Euro Crisis is a demanded macro environment in the discussion.

There is a considerable amount of material available from contemporary sources on the Euro crisis, and there is still much argument about the cause, effects and possible solutions. This means that different commentators assemble different facts in particular ways to produce different narratives and you will need to carefully work out what are relevant facts for your own argument.

You will need to provide a reasonably brief analysis of the problems that are facing the Euro and their causes. There are many possible starting points, although the most obvious is probably Greece, where a discussion of the conditions of entry to the Euro and Greek government finances would be illuminating. A very different essay could be constructed by starting with, say, Germany, Holland or Finland but, whichever position you begin from, you will need to consider the relationships between different countries.

The Euro crisis impacts on several different academic disciplines and you are welcome to include insights and analysis from them, although the base of your argument should come from the course materials.

Core texts and resources
1. Lilley, S., Lightfoot, G. & Amaral M. N. P. (2004) Representing Organisation: Knowledge, Management and the Information Age, Oxford: Oxford University Press.
2. Dyson, J.R. (2010) Accounting for Non-accounting Students, London: FT/Prentice Hall
3. Accountability, Representation and Control distance learning version of this course