Iscuss whether the European Monetary Union would benefit from British membership?

This assignment should NOT be written like a typical essay. Instead of writing this like an essay, please can you write this paper more like exam notes for use in helping my revision.

Therefore this paper SHOULD NOT have an introduction or conclusion. I just need bullet pointed notes and further information about each of these points to revise from.

Rather than writing this paper like an essay (where even just one point may be elaborated in extensive depth over 3-4 paragraphs with citations etc), can you please clearly list at least 5 or so separate points which argue whether or not the EMU would benefit if Britain was a member. Please remember that some of these points should argue that it would be a good thing and other points can argue a contrary case that it would not be a good thing.

When you list each of these points, please may you expand on each point and give further background detail and in-depth information to justify and explain your point. The information you give under each point should be quite in-depth. This will help me gain a thorough understanding of the issues/points you have written about for my exam.

If using economic graphs would aid your answer, then please feel free to include them and explain what they show.

Please also remember that this question is NOT asking whether Britain should join the Euro or not from Britains perspective; it is instead asking would it benefit the current Eurozone area if Britain also joined the European Monetary Union or not? I.e. it is speaking from the perspective of the current Eurozone, not Britain.

Since this assignment is just to prepare exam notes for myself, it does not need to include references for the sake of it. Please only use specific references if a point you are trying to make can only be explained with the aid of a citation.

All in all, like I said, what is crucial in this paper is that you give many points explaining whether or not the European Monetary Union would benefit from British membership and expand on them, rather than just talk about 1 or 2 core points in a huge amount of detail throughout the essay.

Many thanks