Iscuss Why Dont You Dance?by Raymond Carver

answer the questions:

What vivid details does Carver use to describe his characters?
What is your interpretation of the storys ending? What has the girl learned from her interaction with the drunk man?

Keep in mind, these opening discussion questions are just to get the discussion going–there are infinite ways you can demonstrate that youve read the texts, so dont feel tied down to just those. I encourage you to move away from the original discussion questions whenever a comment or question in another post inspires you. The fact that this is a creative writing class should give you permission in all you do here, including discussions of published work.

When answering questions about the story, be sure to back up your answers with textual evidence. Describe specific moments in the story or use quotations, which offers what you see as Proofof your answers and explain how the quotations support your answers. Also remember to read what students before you have posted so that you dont repeat whats already been said but instead add to and expand the discussion!

Although the above questions are pretty specific, I also want to leave leeway for analysis and exploration. As we move through the module, our discussion may naturally fork away from these starter questions into surprising areas, and its important that we follow where the discussion leads. Sometimes Ill also jump in with new discussion questions. The important thing to me is not that you post answers to the above questions, but that you demonstrate an effort to read and respond to the reading and to each other.