Iscuss; with examples and detail, the responsibilities of the First Officer on the scene of a reported crime

The course Term Paper will be written in APA (6th edition)Format. This format will consist of the following:

1. Cover Page
2. Abstract Page
3. The Body of the Paper(Content of the Page)
4. The Reference Page.

The paper will have a MINIMUM of 5 pages of content. NOT to exceed 8 pages of content. Written in 12 point Font with one (1)inch margins, double spaced. Numbered pages. No graphics or designs on the Cover Page. The page count DOES NOT INCLUDE the Cover, Abstract and References Pages. No Graphs, Art or Shading on the Cover Sheet of the submission.
No Pictures, Graphs,Charts or Power Points will be included in the body of the paper.
(These items can be attached as addendums at the end of the paper)

The paper MUST have 5 scholarly resource references, properly cited in APA format. (wikiapdia and are not considered scholarly research sources).