Iscuss, with examples, representations of gender in advertising

1.I have an essay plan which I will attach in the following.please follow the plan to write this essay ,due to this plan has been revised by my tutor.

2.Discuss, with examples, representations of gender in advertising.

Choose to write about gender
Research what we mean by gender
E.g. Bilton pp128 Bilton, T .et al. (2002) introductory sociology (4th ed.). Houndmills: Palgrave Macmillan.
aaGiddens chapter15-16 Giddens, A (2013) sociology(7th ed.). Cambridge: Polity.
aaWoodward, K (2004) Questioning identity: Gender, class, ethnicity (2nd ed.). London: Routledge.
Research literature about advertising and gender
Find examples from advertisements that you can discuss