Iscuss with reference to the verizon-MCI mergers, the case for promoting competition in the U.S. industry

The dissertation shall be of not less than 6000 words in length and not exceed 7200 words. (both measures are inclusive of notes and appendices but exclusive of bibliography). Please give full reference to sources used.

It is a dissertation for the BA degree of economics, and should be based on the area of industry. Some general textbooks related to the course material are listed below:

Pepall, L. Richard, D., and Norman G, Industrial Organization: Contemporary Theory and Practice.
D. Hay, and D.J.Morris, Industrial Economics: Theory and Practice
Martin, Stephen, Advanced Industrial Economics, 2nd ed., Blackwell
Franks, J. and Mayer, C. Hostile Take-Overs and the Correction of Managerial Failure.

As Im studying in Cambridge, please try to find a writer who is familiar with the British knowledge system.

If to finish the work with 2.1 above standard in such short time is difficult, 2.2 is also accepted. If any other information is needed please contact me via email. I can possibly provide some course notes if the writer thinks necessary.

By the way, Im not very clear about the style option above, so I chose the default MLA, what does it mean? And whats the number of sources?