Iscussing the ancient hebrews and AT LEAST one other ancient culture

1) Identify the historical context in which the people who shared these creation stories lived. When and where did they live? What challenges did they face?

2) Identify and analyze the creation stories they produced by answering the following questions:
a. How did ancient cultures explore and explain the process of creation and destruction through their stories?
b. who was in control of the creation and or destruction? What were the roles of the gods and humans? Were there any differences across the cultures?
c. How can we see the impact of their historical experiences reflected in these stories?

extra info..
the first culture has to be the hebrews. the other culture(s) can be anyone other one we learned in class so far. the cultures we have learned so far were the, greeks, persians, and egyptians.

and we have to use citations for non obvious things. he told us that the first one or two pages are gonna have a lot of citations because its a lot of hardcore information and background info, but towards the end when it gets to talking more about comparison and more thought and less background info, it we should use less citations. we cant write first person, so no Iwe also need a thesis statement. include intro and conclusion.

the only books we are allowed to use and cite are:
Connections a world history-second edition, combined volume.
Sources of world civilization vloume 1, a diversity of traditions, third edition
The bible”

and these creation stories as well:
Marduk creates the world”
Book of the dead”
Herodotus, battle at thermopylae, 480 B.C.E”
Thucydides, Persicles Funeral Oration

use as many of the sources you want.

remember, use the creation stories given based on the other culture or cultures being used to compare to the ancient hebrews.