Iscussion 1: Accounting and Society”, and Discussion 2: Financial Accounting Information”

Please respond to both DQ questions1 2 separately, professionally give good feedback that we all can learn from, be logical, easy to read, informational. APA format only, if it is opinion say so, if not provide where you get the facts. No End Notes, make it sound natural not book written, Make sure you answer all of the question(s) for each Discussion question. Thank you.

Discussion 1
a? Accounting is ingrained in our society and it is vital to our economic system in the U.S. How does this fit with your perception of accounting? Justify your response with examples.

Discussion 2

Please respond to the following:
a? Compare and contrast the uses of financial accounting information by 1) investors and 2) creditors. In your opinion, does one group rely more heavily on the information than the other?