Iscussion 1: Integration of Readings About Organizational Research And Assessment Approaches

The purpose of your posting in this weeks first Threaded Discussion (D1) is to demonstrate your ability as a Scholar in two ways:

Part 1: As an OD consultant i?? either internal or external, you will need to assess organizational effectiveness. There are many ways to do this. Using You Tube, Ted Talks or another video site, find a video from a real organization that displays its cultural beliefs (try to avoid television shows, advertisements, or movie clips). You might locate an employee orientation video, training video or advertisement for job seekers. Post the link to the video.

What organizational culture type or types do you believe the video depicts? What evidence do you have for this view?
Do you think this culture type is appropriate for this organization? What do you believe are its advantages ad advantages?
Imagine you were trying to change the culture because of this initial observation. What actions do you think the organization could take to undertake such transformation? How do you think the video you found would be different if it were to display you new culture?
Part 2: Using the TUW Libraryi??s EBSCO multi-search, find a case example of a SWOT analysis and post a summary of the case.
Upload your D1 posting no later than 11:59 AM, Thursday, PST. Be sure that your citations and references for each reading are formatted according to APA guidelines.
In addition, review and post comments to the postings uploaded by at least two of your fellow students.

Reading and Background Material
Harrison, Jeffrey P. (2010). Chapter 5: Strategic Planning and SWOT Analysis, Essentials of Strategic Planning in Healthcare, 91-97. Retrieved from: Harrison_Chapter5.pdf
Lusthaus, C. (Ed.). (2002). Organizational assessment: A framework for improving performance. IDRC. Read Chapters 6 and 7, Pages 131 i?? 155. Retrieved from EBSCO eBook Collection in the Touro library.