Iscussion 1: Integration of Readings About Organizational Systems

The purpose of your posting is to demonstrate your ability as a Scholar in two ways:

Part 1: McNamara discusses two main points in his article. First, the importance of looking at organizations as systems and second, defining principles to help us better understand the organization. He then goes on to elaborate on three of the principles. Based on his article and the two points he makes, pick one other article from this weeki??s readings and compare or contrast the information.

Part 2: Using the TUW Libraryi??s EBSCO multi-search, find a case study of organizational culture and post a summary of your findings.

Upload your D1 posting no later than 11:59 AM, Thursday, PST. Be sure that your citations and references for each reading are formatted according to APA guidelines.

Campbell, Jamie-Lee and Goritz, Anja S. (2013). Culture Corrupts! A Qualitative Study of Organizational Culture. J Bus Ethics (2014) pp. 120; 291-311. Retrieved from EBSCO multi-search database in the Touro library.
Kuhl, Stefan. (2013). Organizations, What are They Actually. Organizations: A Systems Theory Approach. Farnham, Surrey : Gower. Retrieved from EBSCO eBook Collection in the Touro library. (Read Chapter 1, Pages 1-15)
Lunenburg (2011) Understanding Organizational Culture: A Key Leadership Asset. National Forum Of Educational Administration and Supervision Journal. Volume 29(4), 1-12. Retrieved from: