Iscussion # 1 intercultural communication

Dear Writer ,

the instructor asked us to answer these 3 questions for discussion board , kindly answer each question in one page with one source .

1What motivates your interest in World Politics?

2What impact will knowledge of World Politics have on your professional career?

3explain a metaphor that you think reveals something basic about your culture or microculture. Metaphors should be something that is not the thing under consideration, but a thing that portrays, exposes, or clarifies the thing. Probably most of you are Americans, so the following is focused there, but you should change the focus to the culture that best describes you. If possible try to include at communication in your respective culture along with culture itself. Even you would say you are a product of an American culture, you might better choose one of the many microcultures as opposed to the white European macroculture.
Consider your bedroom. You could say it is neat, or blue, or perhaps friendly. These are direct descriptors, some more clear than others. What if someone said a bedroom was a womb, a mystery, or an affront to homeland security? Each of these reveals something essential about the nature and function of this bedroom.

What about America? How would you complete American is…”? (Black, Hispanic, Mexican, Chippewa, Ghanian, etc…) How about American communication? I might say communicating in America is the same as playing water polo. Your are only out or trouble for as long as you can hold your breath. Obviously, this says something essential and central about my perception of communication and you might want to know more about what I mean.

What is your metaphor?

* ( regarding questions # 3 , i am from Jordan Middle East )