Iscussion 1: Psychodynamics in Organizational Change Week 6 720

This is an interesting application of theory and principles from psychodynamic psychology to organizational psychology. The authors suggest that ideas from pscyhoanalysis can inform organization studies. Do you find their argument convincing? Have you seen any of the examples they bring out from pscyhoanalysis in play in your own organization(s)?

Required readings

Diamond, Michael A. 2012 Repetition and the Compulsion to Repeat: Psychodynamic Challenges in Organizational Learning and Change. Administration & Society 45,499a 521

Fotaki, M., Long, S. & Schwartz, H. (2012). What Can Psychoanalysis Offer Organization Studies Today? Taking Stock of Current Developments and Thinking about Future Directions. Organization Studies, 33, 9, 1105a 1120