Iscussion 1 week 2 Accounting for a Specific Circumstance

Discussion 2 week 2

Accounting for a Specific CircumstancePlease respond to the following:

From the internet research you gathered, analyze how you, as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of a a?big box storea? that has potential pollution, environmental-disposal, or demolition problems, would handle these costs in your financial statements and communicate this proposed plan to your colleagues on the management team. Indicate how any resistance would be overcome. Support your stance with the information that you obtained through your research.

Recommend the advantages and disadvantages of recording the above-referenced costs in the financial statements and how this might alter the companyas public image.

Please make sure you post an Initial Post and Respond to at least two of your peers posts. You must post on two different days. All of your posts should be substantive and add value to the discussion. Please make sure you address all of the items listed above.