Iscussion 1:Emotional Intelligence, Group Processes, and Interpersonal Relations

Demonstrate what you have gained from your reading assignments about the roles that factors like emotional intelligence and group processes play in interpersonal relations by posting a summary of what you have learned. Include in your posting an example of how you would apply what you have learned to your personal and/or work life.

Readings for Threaded Discussion 1:
(1) Hartman, A. W. (2010). Building relationships to last.Journal of Financial Service Professionals, 64(1), 42-46. Retrieved from Touro University Library Database: Business Source Complete.

(2) Easterbrook, M. & Vignoles, V.L. (2013). What does it mean to belong? Interpersonal bonds and intragroup similarities as predictors of felt belonging in different types of groups. European Journal of Social Psychology, 43(6), 455-462. Retrieved from Touro University Library Database: EBSCO multi-search database. DOI: 10.1002/ejsp.1972.