Iscussion 2: Practical Application of What You Have Learned About Organizational Research And Assessment Approaches

Your task in this weeki??s second Threaded Discussion (D2) is to demonstrate your ability as a Practitioner by describing an example of how you would apply what you have learned about the Organizational Research and Assessment in a practical way in your own workplace. Upload your D2 posting no later than 11:59 PM, Sunday, PST.

Reading and Background Material
Harrison, Jeffrey P. (2010). Chapter 5: Strategic Planning and SWOT Analysis, Essentials of Strategic Planning in Healthcare, 91-97. Retrieved from: Harrison_Chapter5.pdf
Lusthaus, C. (Ed.). (2002). Organizational assessment: A framework for improving performance. IDRC. Read Chapters 6 and 7, Pages 131 i?? 155. Retrieved from EBSCO eBook Collection in the Touro library.