Iscussion about the strengths of Israeli society circa 1960 with regards to the book, The House on Garibaldi Street. The whole prompt will follow.

Prompt: It is difficult to think of a better case history of a clandestine intelligence operation than Isser Harels classic book about the capture of Adolf Eichmann, The House on Garibaldi Street. What does this book reveal about the characteristic strengths of Israeli society circa 1960?

The main focus of this essay is obviously on The House on Garibaldi Street but it also should contain some mention of a book by Benny Morris called Righteous Victims which we have been reading in my class. This book is a purely historical account and should probably be used to provide historical context and evidence for topics that appear in Harels book.

Only these two sources need to be used and citations can consist of just a page number and the author. No footnotes are needed.

My TA is very concerned with essay structure. I am sure this is obvious to you guys but this essay should follow the standard format of a strong thesis followed by concepts or ideas that are backed-up with strong evidence from the books.

If you have any questions please dont hesitate to email me. Thanks a ton.