Iscussion Board # 10: What part does making a living play in making a life? A comparison of Death of a Salesman and Top Girls

QUESTION: Willy and Marlene are the main characters of these two plays. Willy is in effect being Down-sized.Marlene is being promoted over a man. Both are probably defined by their jobs more than their private lives. Compare the quality of their private lives from the perspective of someone from an academic discipline, say an historian (i.e., looking at the times), a sociologist (roles, societal expectations, etc) or a psychologist (an analytical look at individual motivation or depression brought about by the circumstances, for example). You may also use any other discipline you choose (economics?). But the perspective MUST be that of a discipline whether your own major or another. Quotations are not necessary, but you may certainly use them. You may repeat a discipline but your take on it must be uniquely your own. If it sounds like a previous posting I will delete it and ask you to re-post. Be sure you tell us WHY that perspective thinks that way. It is not enough to say, a sociologist would think Marlene and Willy are playing the role of…. without saying why a sociologist thinks that way.

Post to this explanatory forum. . 150-250 words.

threr are the books

1Churchill, Caryl. 1991 (1982). Top Girls. London: Methuen Drama, Methuen
Publishing, Ltd.

2Miller, Arthur. 1998. Death of a Salesman. New York: Penguin Books.

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