Iscussion Board # 5: Work, leisure and technology from On Human Work (LAS 356 Meaning of Technology, Work and Leisure across the Life Course)

QUESTION: Use a perspective to talk about either work, leisure or technology as described in On Human Work. For instance, as a Sociologist, I would view the Popes views of work as…. As an another example, how might a feminist view the Popes views of work? Please remember to use From the perspective of…. And explain why that perspective thinks that way!! (as best you can…). Quotations are not necessary for this forum, but might prove useful in explaining the perspective you choose.

NOTE: you may NOT use the same perspective as another student in your group. If you do, I will delete the post and ask you to re-post. (In other words, you will need to read all the previous posts in your group so you dont repeat a perspective.) So the last person in each group to post might be at a slight disadvantage. I would say it behooves you to post early!

Please pay attention to the deadlines! Same groups as for the first four. I am probably going to mix up the groups after the sixth forum.