Iscussion board research design class

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I need this paper for research design class

the paper shuold be 2 pages , first page for answering these 3 following questions :

1When we do a literature search preparatory to scholarly work, we require a?authoritativea? sources. What does this mean?
2-What criteria do you use to distinguish authoritative sources from non-authoritative ones?
3-Give some examples of authoritative sources and non-authoritative sources and say why you have placed them in those categories.

Second page should response ( comment) on these two posting from other students in calss , each post 2 paragraphs

first posting :


An authoritative source is a credible document, or other sort of evidence written such as peersa case reviews, created or otherwise produced during the time under study. It offers an inside view of a particular event.

Example of authoritative sources can be: The declaration of Independence in the US history; a journal article reporting new research or findings; Native American history

Non-authoritative sources are less easily defined than authoritative sources. Generally, they are accounts written after the fact with the benefit of hindsight. They are interpretations and evaluations of authoritative sources.

Example Non-authoritative sources can be: A commentary on and discussion of evidence; commentaries and criticisms; a journal/magazine article which interprets or reviews previous findings; a history textbook

Second posting :

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Authoritative sources are simply sources which derive from some form of research. Although vague, it can includes data collection, analysis, and cited references. In many instances they are professionally reviewed and critque. There can be different kinds of authoritative sources, depending on the intent for the source.

In an attempt to find some defintions of authoritative sources, I found a goverment defintion which I felt was approiprate.

DoD 8320.2: Authoritative Source: A source of data or information

that is recognized by members of a Community of Interest (COI) to

be valid or trusted because it is considered to be highly reliable or

accurate or is from an official publication or reference”

Government, nonprofit, academic, and peer reviewed journals are examples of authoritative sources, while any newspaper article, website, magazine, or blog can be labeled as non authoritative. An expert in a given field can also be considered as an authoritative source (warren buffet, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs).Mainly because of their pioneering work in the field, society and industry.

regarding the sources , i need 3 sources ( 1 for first page and one for each response )
kindly send me if you need more information