Iscussion: Consumer Health Information and Education Needs

Part 1: Thinking about your client population, are there sufficient consumer health information and education resources available? Are they being utilized? Do your clients use any online or mobile tools to help manage their health?

Part 2: Identify a consumer health education topic for your client population. Find two credible resources and two suspect resources, (web sites, online games) directed at the general public on this topic. Evaluate each site based on the information made available there. To effectively evaluate each website, use criteria from the resources provided in this module or in the Course Library (i.e. accuracy, authority, objectivity, currency, and coverage). The evaluations need to be inclusive of culturally competent nursing care: evaluation of health literacy levels, cultural, and linguistic appropriateness of populations being served. Based on the information obtained using the criteria for each website, answer and justify your response to the question Would you recommend this site to others?

Part 3: How do you envision technology enhancing patient or consumer health education and health management in your setting and in your global community?

Discussion Post Directions:
Please complete the assigned readings for this module to inform your contributions to the discussion.

text books

Nursing informatics and the foundation of knowledge (2nd ed.) by McGonigle, D and Masterian, K. G. (2012)

american nurses association (2008). nursing : informatics: scope and standard of practice. silver spring, MD: author.