Iscussion: Creative Teaching Strategies

Discussion: Creative Teaching Strategies

In this weekas media segment, Michele Deck demonstrated a number of creative teaching strategies and emphasized that content can be presented in different ways to engage different types of learners. How can you apply your knowledge of strategies right now to reach diverse learners in your own practice?

Before participating in this weeks Discussion, you are asked to implement two or more teaching strategies, at least one of them a strategy you learned about this week. Your primary aims should be to create a positive learning environment and effectively engage diverse learners.

Begin by identifying a teaching opportunity in your current practice setting. This does not need to be a formal classroom situation. For example, you might have an opportunity to teach elderly clients about self-care for their chronic illnesses or instruct your colleagues on the use of a new software program. Consider the learning goal and the environment in which the learning will take place. Then select and implement your teaching strategies.

After you have implemented the strategies, reflect on this teaching experience before sharing your thoughts in the Discussion forum.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post your comments on your experience of implementing a teaching strategy and improving the learning environment, addressing these points:

Briefly describe the learners, learning topic, and setting of your teaching experience.

Identify the teaching strategies you implemented and explain your choices. How did you improve the learning environment, encourage active learning, and address the needs of your diverse learners?

Were these methods effective or not? What will you do differently next time in this situation? What will you make sure to retain in your Toolboxof strategies?

Identify the behavioral objective based on the learning goal.

Learning Resources

Prior Knowledge

The motivation of learners can be greatly affected by the learning environmenta by the physical surroundings as well as the emotional tone and interpersonal behavior within the classroom. Call to mind the most positive learning environment you have experienceda that is, an educational experience in which you felt most comfortable yet motivated to learn. What do you think contributed to that positive environment? Now reflect on an educational setting in which you felt distracted or disinclined to learn. What were the main differences between these two environments?

Required Resources


Course Media: High Retention Strategies(Michele Deck)

In this media segment, Michele Deck demonstrates techniques that can be used to engage and motivate learners and increase learning retention.

(There is no Key Points guide to this media segment.)


Course Text: Innovative Teaching Strategies in Nursing and Related Health Professions

Chapter 3a Strategies for Innovation”

Nurse educators must find innovative teaching strategies to keep pace with changes in the profession. This chapter provides examples of educational innovations, such as the use of interdisciplinary instruction, and offers guidance on how to develop new teaching strategies in nursing.

Chapter 7a Lighten Up Your Classroom”

This chapter describes how humor can contribute to a positive learning environment and suggests ways in which humor can effectively be integrated into the educational message.

Course Text: McKeachies Teaching Tips: Strategies, Research, and Theory for College and University Teachers

Chapter 11a Motivation in the College Classroom”

After reviewing theories on motivation, this chapter offers suggestions on how to foster desire and commitment in students to learn.

Chapter 14a Active Learning: Group-Based Learning”

This chapter describes a number of methods for encouraging successful student engagement in learning through interaction with other learners.

Course Text: Teaching in Nursing: A Guide for Faculty

Chapter 19a The Learning Resource Center”

This chapter explains the roles that todayas Learning Resource Center (LRC) can serve in nursing education. The purpose of the new LRC is to provide a multifunctional teaching and learning center.

Optional Resources

Suggested Readings

Course Text: McKeachies Teaching Tips: Strategies, Research, and Theory for College and University Teachers

Chapter 15a Experiential Learning: Case-Based, Problem-Based, and Reality-Based”

Chapter 16a Using High-Stakes and Low-Stakes Writing to Enhance Learning”