Iscussion: Critiquing Online Course Designs

Discussion: Critiquing Online Course Designs

Last week you completed your design for an online learning module and posted it in the Doc Sharing area of this course. This week, you will see what your colleagues have done, and both give and receive substantive feedback on these projects.

To prepare, go to the Doc Sharing area and review each of PowerPoint summaries of the online courses, considering how successful each design is in creating a positive, effective learning experience. Identify three presentations to which you wish to provide substantive feedback. (Note: Before making your selections, review the Discussion forum to see which presentations have not yet been discussed. Do not select a project if it has already received three postings. Each project should get a minimum of two postings, and a maximum of three postings.)

Respond to Luis, Michel, Lorna 80 words each and one quote
With these thoughts in mind:

Post your ideas as follows:

Provide feedback on what is effective in their course design. Your feedback should touch on the effectiveness of at least three of the following elements: use of media, discussion question, the user-friendliness of the design, the degree to which it encourages active learning and/or exemplifies constructivist or Guided constructivisttheory.

Does the module adequately enable learners to fulfill the learning objectives? If so, explain how. If not, explain what the problem is.

Describe one change you might make to improve the design.

Identify two to three specific principles of effective online course design that the module exemplifies.