Iscussion for Intro to Info System with Microsoft Office 2007

If you use a particular program frequently, you can start it more quickly if you place a shortcut icon on the desktop or Start menu. Placing Startup icons on the desktop may result in a cluttered desktop, where it takes as long to find the icon you want as it would to start it from the All Programs menu. If you limit your choices to a few of the most commonly used programs, you can place icons on the Start menu. To add an icon to the Start menu:
1. Click the Start button. Notice that there are programs listed on the left side of the window. The programs listed at the bottom of the Start menu change as your program use changes; the programs listed at the top are there permanently unless you delete them.
2. Right-click the Start button, and then from the displayed shortcut menu, click Properties.
3. In the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties dialog box, click the Start Menu tab, and then click the Customize button.
4. In the Customize Start Menu dialog box, under Start menu size, click the Number of programs up click arrow to display ten items. (Note: Notice that in the Show on Start menu section, check boxes for displaying an Internet browser and an email program are selected. These program icons display in the Start menu regardless of how long it has been since they were used.)

Write 4-5 sentences. Discussing the Start Menu property features and the number of programs set up to display. Provide specific examples.