Iscussion for online Economics class: Un

This is not a formal paper rather an informal and straightforward discussion for an online class that requires on a brief response to each question. Please do not repeat or restate information, ideas, or opinions, rather follow up the statement with proof via a citation or example. A re-introduction or re-statement of the presented topic/concept is not necessary, so please do not rewrite the question/instructions. Simply focus all writing on directly answering with details that relate only to the immediate discussion questions.

Discussion: As you are aware the unemployment rate in the United States has been high. Willis (2011) wrote that While payrolls have been climbing, a jobless rate above 9 percent underscores the need for a pickup in employment that will spur an expansion entering its third year.


1) Do you think the unemployment issues are due to frictional unemployment, structural unemployment or cyclical unemployment?

2) Are the any other concepts from Chapter 17 or 18 that can be found in the article? Explain.

Willis, B (2011, June 16). Initial jobless claims in U.S. decline more than forecast as firings abate. Bloomberg. Retrieved from: Irwin.