Iscussion Forum #2 Do Human Races Exist?

Based on the audio lecture The Nature of Human Biological Variation,your reading of chapter 12, and the video of the lecture by Dr. Joe Lorenz answer the following -Why do most anthropologists feel that human races make little sense as biology but need to be understood as an aspect of culture? (Be certain to discuss exactly what you mean by the word race and include a discussion of the following concepts in your essay: clinal, non-concordance, polymorphic and polytypic variation, and the low genetic diversity of Homo sapiens. As well as additional pertinent material).

The term polymorphisms chapter 12 of your book refers to alleles that can take on various forms. It is a different concept than polymorphic variation discussed in the above lecture.

My text book is
Jurmain, Robert, Lynn Kilgore, and Wenda Trevathan
2013 Essentials of Physical Anthropology, Ninth Edition. Wadsworth/Cengage
Learning. Belmont, CA

The National Academy of Science
2008 Science, Evolution, and Creationism. The National Academies Press,
Washington, D.C

audio lecture :