Iscussion: Literatures Search with Shared Annotated Bibliographies

the purpose of this discussion essay is all about learning how to use appropriate resources in an academic activity, writing annotated.

here is instructor direction below Directions:
Step 1: Complete the module readings and tutorials associated with the Library and Academic Support Services (see Module Overview).
Step 2: Choose a nursing-related topic of interest, and using the online Empire State College Library (new window), conduct a literature search. Select two articles for your annotated bibliographies. The criteria for your literature selection include: The articles must have been published within the last five years; and the articles are from a?peer reviewed nursing journals (new window)a?.
Step 3: Create an annotated bibliography (new window) on each of the two articles you selected, ensuring that they are each in the proper format with APA style.
my topic listed in the title of the post
A brief introduction to my topic, and why I chose it
Two properly formatted annotated bibliographies on my topic
A concluding paragraph to summarize my key points