Iscussion of No figs(Lennie Tristano)

There is no introduction to this piece. The melody, or a?head,a? begins at 00:00 and ends at 00:40. (Lee Konitz solos for the last 8 bars of the head.) What is the form of this piece? Use letters to designate the sections of the form. Hint: The form of this piece is 32 bars, but it is not AABA. How does this group arrange the melody? Is it harmonized? What are the general characteristics of this piece that are different from the bebop groups we heard last week? Do any of the soloists play for an entire chorus? How many bars does each of the six soloists play? Now listen to Getzas solo from 00:41 to 01:01. Describe Tristanoas comping and the rhythm section during Getzas solo. How does the piece end? What section of the melody (that is, the form) is played at the end at 02:36? The bass and drums stop playing at 02:39 to the end. Describe how this sounds.