Iscussion of two myths: The Aneid and Ramayana.

Use the following statment, word for word, as your thesis: The Aeneid is more relevant to modern life than The Ramayana.Consult one outside historical source on the region and period that produced each myth(total two sources).Present factual material about that particular culture that will your reader understand your analysis of the myth.Research the civilization in which these myths originated.Make references to at least two sources of information on the civilizations.Do not use literary analysis of the myths, multi-title study guides, and wikipedia (use books or scholar websites.Do not document the Primary sources(the myths themselves), document Secondary sources(the outside readings).The essay is primaryly adiscussion ofthe myth with some history for support.Choose three aspects to discus,e.g.communication,tansportation,technology, diversity,pace of life, femenism.Compare and contrast myths in each paragraf.(three body paragrafs).