Iscussion on which transmission is best for my car; the honda cvt or the thm 350

The paper should be in the following format.

1. It should contain an introductory paragraph, identifing a real life issue of personal or professional interest, and consider a product that will correct, improve, or develop, your interest, and direct the discussion to a directly involved audience.

2. Another introductory paragraph setting forth 2 specific criteria that your require of your product. Regard criteria as benefits or standards that you require of a product.

3. Another introductory paragraph, narrowing your research to 2 0r 3 manufactureres makes or models. Compar similar products. The honda cvt and the thm 350.

4. Body. organize your report according to your criteria, one criterion at a time. Define each criterion and detail how individual products meet or fall short of expectations. Your researched details should be substantial, timely, and accurate.

5. Conclusion. Ultimately, you should recommending a particular make or model, and persuade your audience to approve of its purchase.

heres the scenario:

At work your wiluld like to correct a pre-existing problem, prevent possible future problems, improve working conditions, or develop new areas of marketing or communicating. You want the benfits that your product will provide such as safety, comfort, convenience, health, cost-efficiency, finanacial gain, or improved morale. Because your require the approval of your manager, you will need to research and compar products, and identify the type of product that your feel best suits the companys needs.