Iscussion Paper Week 5: What Causes Market Inefficiency?

Action Items

1. Write a two to three page paper, address the following:
1. Describe in your own words the concept of market inefficiency .
2. Provide an example of market inefficiency.
3. Answer the following questions for your example in Part B:
* What are the sources of the market inefficiencies?
* What are the ways to deal with them?
4. Answer the question below in your conclusion:
* When does it make sense for government to interfere with a pure market outcome?
2. Include a title page and a reference page. The reference page and title page are not included in your page count. Follow APA guidelines when you cite your resources and create your reference page.

Make sure no plagiarism in the paper, it will go throw please use citation when needed and include all the reference in APA format.