Iscussion Questions (3)..participation I will list like last week

The first two are discussion quesitons and the participation questions follow:

1.What factors do you think influence employee job satisfaction? Compare and contrast these factors to the factors most important to you.

2.How does a manageras personality and values affect his or her job performance? Provide a specific example. Very seldom do people hand you a list of their values. How do you infer other peopleas values?

3.Week 2…participation:Francis
What factors do you think influence employee job satisfaction? Compare and contrast these factors to the factors most important to you.

Some factors that may influence employee job satisfaction must include organizations/superiors ensuring that the task given to the employee is not monotonous, routine, mundane, but designed it in such a way that he/she utilizes their energy to their optimum level. while still feeling fresh. Additionally, allowing the employee the ability to plan work the way he/she considers doing it best, giving him/her reasonable degree of authority, responsibility and freedom to perform the task from start to job completion.

These factors can contribute to employee growth, development, recognition and status. In addition, ensure that employee does not feel closely supervised, treat him/her as an integral part of the organization, giving him/her the freedom and autonomy to improve upon their techniques and offer constructive feedback.

I believe these are just a few factors that contribute to my job satisfaction and are considered important to me.

Many factors can influence job satisfaction including salary, growth opportunities, level of job related tasks/responsibilities, commute, flexibility, coworkers, health care, etc.

Until a few years ago, I was managing a technical help desk which was a job I really enjoyed until the outsourcing exercises began. Throughout the next 2-3 years, my responsibilities went from face-to-face managing, which I loved, to Governance,and managing other managers up to 6000 miles away. The job no longer offered room for creativity, and became monotonous as one of my primary responsibilities was reporting statistics. In addition to the 75%-ish of staff layoff, the job was a bit depressing and boring, and I was ready to move on.

This gave me an opportunity to do some soul searching and figure out what I truly value in a job, and what job satisfaction meant to me. The very top of the list, to my own surprise, was contribution, meaning I get a major Buzzafter a productive day of contributing to the department/organization. Contribution beat out money (in a close race). After speaking with a handful of people, money ranked at the top for most, and benefits were a close second mostly for people with kids.

The reading suggests overall job satisfaction relates to how interesting people find their jobs through on-going training, variety, independence, and control, and also mentions how most prefer work that is challenging and stimulating (p. 87).

5.Participation:instructor in sheryl
Do you think in this economy that job security may have moved higher in the list of satisfiers?

There are a lot of factors that go into employee satisfaction. I have noticed that a major influence is their benefits packages. While working for a company that provided sparse benefits for their employees, I noticed that there was more complaining and dissatisfaction. Currently I work for an organization that provides excellent benefits, including good health care, education, and vacation benefits. All of these tend to be extremely important to me and my coworkers. It is apparent that the employees who provide for a family are more concerned and focused on the medical benefits provided by the company.

I also believe that communication plays a large role in employee job satisfaction. When employees are able to communicate their concerns and feelings and it is considered by management, they are more likely to feel like they count in the company. Allowing employees to communicate with management can also help decrease the amount of gossip that occurs between employees.

Another factor that is regarded as highly important to my coworkers is scheduling freedom. When employees are allowed to create their own schedule with some boundaries, it puts trust in the employees hands and helps them manage their work better. Of course there must be a high level of trust in letting employees create and manage their schedules.

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