Iscussion questions for Managing Diversity Class (fourth week)

Discussion questions for Managing Diversity class:

Please provide substantive answers. This means going beyond just providing a synopsis; rather it means identifying the relevancy (i.e., pros and cons) of the material and what salient information was noteworthy in context of this class.

1-To achieve diversity, some organization use quotas (e.g, race, gender) to insure that representative forms of sociological traits are mirrored within an organization. Do you feel (opinion) that this is the right approach to achieving diversity? Are there any legal, legislative, or business practices that fly in the face of this?

2What are some of the major concerns or problems a leader might face in a culturally diverse organization?

3When you hear prejudiced comments or jokes, what are some things you might do or say to interrupt this behavior? Share any successful workplace experiences you have had in stopping this behavior.

4 What does Valuing diversitymean and how will we know if we are doing it? What metrics could an organization use to measure whether it is truly valuing diversity or if it is just organizational hype?

5-What is the difference between diversity, tolerance, and inclusion?

– You can use some references to support your answers, but itas not required. Use APA formatting for references.
– Each answer should be 200-300 words.
– Donat use a formal or high level vocabulary , just be simple and clear in your writing style.

Thank you in advance