Iscussion Questions In Education Assessments:

Course outcomes in focus:
Utilize a methodology for linking assessment practices to learning objectives. Apply new advances and current though in the field of educational assessment.

Reading Activities:

A. Chun, Marc. (2010). Taking Teaching to ( Performance) Task: Linking Pedagogical and Assessment Practices. Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning, v42n2p22-29.

B. Botzakis, Stergios. (2004). No Child Left Behind? To Whom Are We Accountable? Teacher Education Quarterly, v31n4p7-13. http:gov/PDS/EJ95278.pdf

1. Discussion Question 1: Linking Pedagogy and Assessment Practices.Students will respond to the following:
1. Describe the skills that represent a schoos collective learning goals-those that are not specifically taught in the classroom and how these skills have traditionally been assessed.

2. Evaluate the effectiveness of the Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA) and explain if something like this will in your current (or future)teaching environment.

3. Discuss additional ways in which you could seek aligment between pedagogical practice and assessment tools.

Discussion Question 2: No Child Left Behind. Students will respond to the following:
1. Do you agree with the No Child Left Behind approach to assessment? Why or why not?

2. Propose a third alternative to No Child Left Behind approach to assessment and the authors checking in approach.
3. Describe why your recommendation is better than the other two.

NOTE: This paper requires no introduction, running heads, summary. Answer each question separately with short answers as you can.