Iscussion Questions Marketing and summary paragraph

Dear Writer
This is not a paper but rather essay discussion questions:
Please answer these questions from a USA perspective and US dollar.
Keep answers in numbered sequence below so they are answered individually and not compiled into to one essay.

NOTE: PLEASE Write from perspective of pharmaceutical or medical equipment industry.

2. What are some key personal traits you see in the sales people in your industry?
3. What are the advantages of short-term sales vs. long term marketing plans?
4. What type of control would you rather have centralized or decentralized and why?
5. What is the importance of sales to marketing management s success?
6. How does the IMC plan assist both marketing and sales managers?

1. How does sale s contribute to the success of an organization?
2. In your opinion, what is the best method of sales department communication?
3. What tools does your company use to communicate with its customers?
4. Who is responsible for generating sales in your organization?
5. What would be your position as a sales manger if you re biggest single customer told you  we want to increase this year to 40% of your marketing budget, or lose the account? Defend if you will or would not accept the offer and defend your decision to your CEO.

SUMMARY paragraph:
summary of what you have learned which must include a topic from the discussion questions above why it is important, and what you have learned from the lesson?