Iscussion Questions: Module 1 Organizational behavior


As part of the requirements for BSAD 325, you will be required to respond to several discussion questions for each module. The purpose of these discussion questions are to:

Prompt you to reflect upon an assigned topic.
Connect the assigned topic to your own personal experience in your professional environment.
Provide you with an opportunity to share your thoughts, ideas, perspectives, and reflections with your fellow students.
Critically reflect about your personal views and professional practice.
Assist you in gathering important information for your final project, Assignment 6-3: Organizational Behavior Analysis.

Action Items

Review the assigned readings from the text and article by Nixon (2003), Management theoriesa An historical perspective.
Respond to the following discussion questions:
Describe how modern and post-modern management theories help managers understand how individual employees think, feel, and perform in todays organizations.
Discuss one of the following trends listed below and how this one trend has impacted individual behavior within your work environment:
Workforce diversity.
Employment relationships.
Virtual work.
Compose a two paragraph response for each of the Discussion Questions stated above. NOTE: You are to write two 100-150 word paragraphs for Discussion Question Aand two 100-150 word paragraphs for Discussion Question B”. Each response is required to meet the following requirements as outlined in the syllabus under Section 7.