Iscussion Questions: Module 3Organizational behavior

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For this assignment you will respond to several questions by reflecting upon the reading assignments as well as connecting the readings to your own personal experience in your professional environment. These questions will provide you with an opportunity to share your thoughts, ideas, perspectives, and reflections with your fellow students.

Action Items

Review the assigned readings and multimedia for Module 3.
Respond to the following discussion questions:
Analyze the role individual team members play in ensuring or detracting from team success. In the analysis, considering the advantages and disadvantages of the team effectiveness model.
Generate a list of two to three strategies for effective team decision-making. Explain why these strategies can be successful. These strategies may include but not limit to reducing conflict, improving decision making and building cohesion.
Compose a two paragraph response for each of the Discussion Questions stated above. NOTE: You are to write two 100-150 word paragraphs for Discussion Question Aand two 100-150 word paragraphs for Discussion Questions B”. Each response is required to meet the following requirements as outlined in the syllabus under Section 7.