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Week 2 Instructions on the discussion board
Class, last week you were given an assignment about brand recalls, the impact on the brand, and what recommendations you would have for Fisher Price going through a recall situation to minimize the negative impact on the brand and restore customer confidence in the brand.

This week I would like you to engage in self-evaluation based on the directions for the assignment (Week 1 discussion board directions), the rubrics (both the one provided in this assignment and the general participation rubric for the course), they syllabus guidelines for discussion boards (Syllabus) and your posts to fellow students, complete the rubrics and grade your contribution to the first weekas discussion board.
Be sure that you provide feedback on each of the components and support the points that you awarded each of the rubric components areas, as well as, the overall grade. Assignment components (Identify how the product recalls can impact the brand & identify the steps that you would recommend the company take as a result of the recalls)

This week (Week 2 Discussion Board, include a post with 3 reasons that self-evaluation is important at the graduate level)
Your grade for this weekas discussion board will be based on how well you use the rubrics and other course material about the criteria for discussion boards (found in the syllabus) to assess your contribution on the Week 1 discussion board, the thoughtful nature of your list of why self-evaluation is important with research..