Iscussion short answer_Soviet Communism and German Nazism

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Using material from the primary source and textbook readings as evidence, write a full three full paragraph response (5-6 sentences per paragraph). Also refer to the corresponding rubric in the Orientation Module. Please also write your choice in the subject line.

Topic: Compare and Contrast: Soviet Communism and German Nazism
(German Nazism and Soviet Communism are similar in many ways and are often both labelled totalitarian. Yet, they are also quite different from one another and they consistently defined each other as a prime enemy. Do you believe that the differences between Soviet Communism and German National Socialism are more important than the similarities or are Soviet Communism and German National Socialism essentially the same phenomenon? (Consider each movements ideology, as well as the role of the dictator, the ruling party, mass propaganda, repression, and state control in each respective regime).